Welcome to skyrocketing

Skyrocketing is a meta universe virtual world platform based on BSC intelligent blockchain, which aims to solve the problem of platform providers earning intermediate profits for decentralized open source projects, so as to achieve a low price payment mode between content creators and game players; The project uses blockchain technology to acquire and transfer virtual property rights, and allows users to permanently hold these virtual property rights and even operate them to create profits for their own content; There is no intermediary fee, which is the biggest feature of skyrocketing.

Contract address:0x76f4eD71029767DE21785A2d478b3f4F3291db3A

Identity authentication system

Skyrocketing's territorial ownership is an identity authentication system. In this system, the authentication information is the coordinates of the territory. Avatars, items and scripts can be created and distributed in the territory. Since content can be copied arbitrarily, we must rely on some social consensus to implement punitive measures. Skyrocketing can use a decentralized identity system to create an ownership layer on items in the virtual world. Such systems must be user-friendly and verify the consent of the founder by connecting the public key and signature with a human readable name.

Project highlights

The biggest difference between skyrocketing project and other virtual space projects is that skyrocketing is a decentralized system, which proves that skyrocketing space is jointly owned by everyone. It is a virtual space hidden in the Internet world, rather than a space run by a company through a running server. Using this space does not require anyone's consent, As long as you run the program and connect to the network, you can use it.

This is the first virtual world platform based on blockchain. You can own your own virtual space, and you can control your own virtual space and publish your own applications to create value. For example, you can publish your own intellectual property games on the virtual space platform. On the other hand, players can pay low fees directly on the virtual world platform.

Skyrocketing purpose

Skyrocketing can buy land in the game or virtual game goods and services, and 10000 skyrocketing can buy a piece of land. The land is your exclusive space, and you can build any application. Users can sell land again, and the price of land will vary according to different locations and construction degrees.


Skyrocketing uses the game as a link to make NFT collide and associate with gamefi. The scarcity and reusability of the former perfectly match the game assets. The "play to earn" provided by the latter to users injects the soul into the chain game. High revenue drives a large number of users into the game and gradually makes the originally small chain game section out of the circle, It has become an important milestone in the application of blockchain technology.

Skyrocketing game platform has identity, social networking, production, exchange and circulation... In the trust created through code, skyrocketing residents live and produce according to preset rules, and economic activities are carried out in an orderly manner. In a completely realistic game experience, feel scientific and technological innovation and build a game world dominated by yourself.

Skyrocketing ecology

Skyrocketing will be a virtual platform that is always online, with an unlimited number of people participating at the same time. It will also have a complete economic system running continuously, and can span the real world and the digital world. At the same time, any image, content and wealth based on data and information can be circulated on the platform. Many people and companies will create content, stores and experiences to promote its prosperity.

Source of income

Source of income

In game

Earn income through platform advertising, second-hand market, commodity trading and recommendation.

Out of game

Players, traffic owners, bloggers and media can access relevant content and participate in like-minded communities, where you can find many channels to obtain income.

In game

Operate your own land assets, constantly create and develop, and you can have unlimited ways to obtain the income of other players on your own land.

Platform ecology

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The total number of tokens issued is 100,000,000
Tax deduction of 9% for each transaction, 2% static dividend for all cash users, 3% real-time investment in black hole destruction (black hole address also enjoys cash dividend, double accelerated deflation destruction), and 4% community marketing media promotion
10% Chuangshi airdrop, 10% community and partners, 80% add pancakeswap flow pool and lock it
The contract is open source, never additional issuance, the ownership has been abandoned on the date of issuance, no pre-sale, no public offering, no private placement, no white list, fair and fair launch.
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